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Hazardous drug trace contamination mitigation and monitoring products.
Mitigate and monitor potential spread of HD trace contaminant
Verify staff cleaning
Validate proper hood cleaning

Today's most affordable HD trace mitigation and monitoring solutions

HD Spectrophotometric System

Cleaning Training Competency Validation

Cleaning Task Verification System

HD Spectrophotometric System

Powered by your smart device (currently Android with iOS and Windows in development) Spotcheck Trace is very easy to operate and generate reports.

Safeguard Your Facilities with the Most Economical Solutions

Spotcheck Trace, a spectophotometric method, used for monitoring a broad spectrum of drugs, along with Veriwipes®, a quality improvement product for validation of cleaning training and tasks completion, can lower your cost per surface test to less than $5 per tested surface. Used in tandem, our products make statistically relevant HD trace contaminant mitifation efforts very affordable.

Mitigation and Monitoring Solutions for All Facility Surfaces

Highly Effective

With a broad drug spectrum, Spotcheck Trace gives you confidence; effectively monitoring a larger percentage of your HD formularly. Veriwipes® Competency validation provides the feedback your staff needs.

Easy To Use

Simply designed with immediate results.

Low Cost

Used in tandem with Veriwipes®, Spotcheck Trace allows for monitoring multiple target locations within the practice at a fraction of the cost of other similar products.

Bluetooth Technology

Operated via your smart device, Spotcheck Trace delivers your results to your screen in under four minutes. Report generation is easy, accessible, and mobile.

Product Design With Versatility In Mind

Economical HD Trace Contaminant Audits

Cleaning Competency and Task Performance Quality Improvement

How It Works


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1. Apply Marker

Identify surfaces to be audited. Using the provided marker (white) swap, blot the selected surface. Allow to dry (in less than 30 secs).

2. Wait

One cleaning cycle as determined by your cleaning schedule.

3. Test Surfaces

Revisit target surfaces with STEP TWO (blue) swab. Swab head will change color to yellow if target uncleaned

How It Works

Spotcheck Trace

1. Swab Surfaces

Identify target surfaces, swab a 12"x12" area.

2. Extract

Place swab head in extraction solutions, shake for 20-30 seconds.

3. Start

Place 3ml of the extracted sample solution into disposable cuvette. Place in the the Spotcheck Trace meter and determine the baseline.

4. Test & Result

Add reagent and swirl for 20 seconds. Place in the meter and initiate the test. You will have results in 3.5 minutes.

Veriwipes® QI & Spotcheck Trace Deployment

Combining both our Veriwipes® and Spotcheck Trace systems allows for increased awareness and quality improvement throughout your facility at a fraction of the cost of current monitoring systems.

Veriwipes® QI

Suggested deployments

Tandem Use less than $9 per test

Veriwipes® /quarter 30 Spotcheck Trace /quarter 1 Annual Surface Tests 124

Spotcheck Trace

Suggested deployments

Our Products

Veriwipes® Competency Validation Kit
3 Validations / box • Item Number: 600-0016-01

  • 3 validation kits (1 marker swab stick (chamber 1) / 2 indicator swab sticks (chamber 2))
  • 3 Instruction Booklets with data collection form
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Veriwipes® QI Cleaning Verification Kit
3 QI kits / box • Item Number: 600-0015-01

  • 3 validation kits (2 marker swab stick (chamber 1) / 5 indicator swab sticks (chamber 2))
  • 3 Instruction Booklets with data collection form
  • One kit provides for up to 10 target evaluations
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Spotcheck Trace Starter Kit
Item Number: 600-0017-01

  • Spotcheck Trace Spectrometer w/ USB charging Cord - 1
  • Android Smart Device phone w/ USB charging Cord - 1
  • 6 test Spotcheck Trace refill tray - 1
  • Operating Manual - 1
  • Spotcheck Trace Carrying Case, hard cover - 1
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Spotcheck Trace 12 Test Refill
2-6 test refill trays • Item Number: 600-0017-12

  • 6 Spotcheck Trace Extraction Solution 5ml x2
  • 1 Spotcheck Trace Reagent Solution 5ml x2
  • 6 Cuvette, 3ml, disposable x2
  • 6 Surface Swab Sticks x2
  • 6 mini-pipette, 3ml, disposable x2
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Need ideas for a cleaning quality improvement program?

We can help you develop a deployment program that will lower your monitoring costs considerably

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