Who We Are

Founded by Brian Larson, a pharmacist, Spotcheck Inc. is dedicated to the development and distribution of affordable surface contaminant mitigation and monitoring products. Brian brings over thirty-five years experience in infusion pharmacy/oncology and is committed to bringing affordable products to these healthcare industries.

Our Mission

Dedicated to bringing innovative, pragmatic, affordable poducts to healthcare, commercial real estate, and restaurant industries.

Our Guiding Principle


Our Process

Cleaning is a fundamental task for proper environmental hygiene. For HD trace mitigation it can lose emphasis in favor of high tech, expensive containment & monitoring strategies. We believe a laser focus on the simple task of cleaning will greatly improve your HD mitigation efforts and, outside of medical, improve your overall surface cleanliness.

Our people

Brian Larson

A pharmacist with 30 + years’ experience in pharmacy infusion operations and the rigorous cleaning protocols they demand. Brian has applied this knowledge to create products for healthcare practice and commercial real estate operations in various deployments. This experience, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to provide pragmatic, cost effective solutions, has led to the development of our Spotcheck, Inc product line.

Our people

Jeff Banasek

Jeff has 25+ years’ experience working in both organic and inorganic chemistry. Much of his work has been focused on improved methods for the analysis of surface contamination on a variety of substrates including work with Ford, General Motors, NASA, Osram/Sylvania, Rolex and Reynolds Metals.
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