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Oncology, Urology & Pharmacy
Until now, todays cost of HD trace monitoring makes it impossible to test a significant number of surfaces. Our first of its kind products, used in tandem, will markedly stretch your HD trace contamination mitigation and monitoring budget.


Office, Hotel & Restaurant
Offices and hotels are full of people coming and going, with many communal surfaces. Our products allow for regular, affordable, and reliable testing to ensure that hotel guests and office workers are safe and secure.

Our products

Cleaning Task Verification System

Use our VeriWipes® QI system to measure, analyze/understand, and improve on the quality of your facilities cleaning measures.

HD Spectrophotometric System

Spotcheck Trace is an affordable hazardous drug trace contaminant monitoring system. With a broad spectrum of target drugs and low cost, Spotcheck Trace, operated through your smart device, gives you confidence that your facility is being effectively monitored.

Cleaning Training Competency Validation

Using VeriWipes® Competency kits allows for staff competency validation during and after training. As part of a semi-annual audit plan management can be confident their staff and contractors understand what you define as clean.

Demonstration Project

Real Estate

A premier real estate company which is a national development, investment, and asset management firm, needed an innovative means to validate the cleaning protocols of their extensive portfolio of office buildings.

1. Baseline Results

Baseline Results, October 2020: Twenty target surfaces throughout a building were identified for audit. Only 10% of locations where found to be cleaned

2. Education/Re-training

A re-training program for staff & contractors was implemented. The same building was re-audited.

3. Rechallenge Audit

Rechallenge Results, two weeks after retraining program completed. 80% of locations where cleaned.

The VeriWipes® systems has been incorporated into the monthly quality improvement program to ensure staff and contractors are following protocols correctly and effectively.

Demonstration Project

Oncology Practice Southeast

A nationally recognized, QOPI certified practice, located in the southeast, desired insight into the effectiveness of their overall cleaning efforts. Both staff and contract performance was evaluated.

1. Baseline Results

A benchmark audit was conducted throughout the practice. Twenty surface targets were identified for audit, 40% of targets had been cleaned.

2. Education/Re-training

Staff and cleaning vendor was educated as to the results, expectations reset.

3. Rechallenge Audit

Of the twenty surfaces selected for re-audit, 95% were cleaned.

As audit results did not meet threshold of 90%, audits are scheduled monthly until so.

Demonstration Project

Oncology Practice Midwest

An eleven provider Med/Rad onc practice, located in the Midwest, asked for an evaluation of cleaning frequency within the practice in both medical and radiology areas.

1. Baseline Results

A benchmark audit was conducted in Med Onc & Rad Onc areas. Twenty surface targets were identified for audit, 55% of targets had been cleaned.

2. Education/Re-training

Staff education was conducted over the following four weeks.

3. Rechallenge Audit

Six weeks after baseline audit, twenty surface targets were re-audited, 95% were cleaned.

A quality improvement program has been instituted with frequency of audit scheduled each calendar quarter.

Need ideas for a cleaning quality improvement program?

We can help you develop a deployment program that will lower your monitoring costs considerably

Trusted By Institutions & Companies

“…..thank you to Brian Larson. His company Spotcheck, Inc has developed two products, VeriWipes® and Spotcheck Trace, to help mitigate & monitor HD trace contamination in our oncology sites. I’ve had a chance to see them in operation and they are easy and reliable to use. Best part is they are at a cost that makes routine monitoring possible and affordable of all oncology……”

Jim Schwartz, RPh

Executive Director, Pharmacy Services
“In my 30 plus years in real estate I never found a product, before VeriWipes®, to make it so easy to reliably monitor cleaning staff performance on often increasing protocols. With VeriWipes® we can both improve upon our cleaning training, and definitively verify the effectiveness of our cleaning efforts to our customers and clients.”

Charles W. Wagener

Principal, The John Buck Company

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Need ideas for a cleaning quality improvement program?

We can help you develop a deployment program that will lower your monitoring costs considerably

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