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Ensure that those responsible for your cleaning meet your expectations efficiently and correctly.

What Gets Measured Gets Done

Cleaning is a behavioral task. Its meaning is subject to interpretation. How can you ensure that cleaning is be completed correctly and thoroughly? Veriwipes® allows you to follow-up your staff’s cleaning, giving you confidence that what they say they do, they are doing!

How will Veriwipes® improve my operations?


Use Veriwipes® to validate your staff’s knowledge of cleaning procedures. Applied to a target surface for training, staff will need to demonstrate they understand your expectations and requirements.


With Veriwipes® you can measure what your staff, or cleaning contractor, is doing. Verfiying they are cleaning areas thoroughly and according to the schedule.


As a manager you now have a means to measure, evaluate, and communicate performance of your staff and/or contractors cleaning performance.

Task Verification Kit

Use our VeriWipes® QI system to enhance your cleaning protocols and ensure that your cleaning processes are being executed correctly.

How It Works


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1. Apply Marker

Identify surfaces to be audited. Using the provided marker (white) swap, blot the selected surface. Allow to dry (under 2 minutes).

2. Wait

One cleaning cycle as determined by your cleaning schedule.

3. Test Surfaces

Revisit target surfaces with STEP TWO (blue) swab. Swab head will change color to yellow if target uncleaned

Our Products

Veriwipes® QI Cleaning Verification Kit
3 QI kits / box • Item Number: 600-0015-01

  • 3 validation kits (2 marker swab stick (chamber 1) / 5 indicator swab sticks (chamber 2))
  • 3 Instruction Booklets with data collection form
  • One kit provides for up to 10 target evaluations
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Need ideas for a cleaning quality improvement program?

We can help you develop a deployment program that will lower your monitoring costs considerably

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